A collective adventure on fast spinning wheels!

TV-aksjonen 2022

Meet Ghaleb, our Junior Accountant! 😎📈

As a Junior accountant, Ghaleb and the team works with invoices, follow up on inquiries from suppliers, reconciliation of goods purchases, the month end closing and much more.


“In this position I have the opportunity to try new things, at the same time it has been a steep learning curve, working with a new accounting system and various ad hoc tasks. But what i like about this company is that it has a flat structure with the employers, it’s a diverse environment and if you have some good ideas, you will be heard in the company.”


After working in finance since march 2022, Ghaleb is enjoying the new job


“I like it here, foodora is a company that is diverse and social, feels like everyone is accepted. And at the same time you have opportunities to grow and evolve here, and that is unique in my opinion. “✨


Meet Sheerin, one of our Business Intelligence Analysts! 💻

Meet Dina, our Business Development Manager within CSR! 🌍💗♻

One of our cultural beliefs in foodora is that we are collective. By that we mean that we care about each other, our partners, customers and the world around us. We want to take responsibility for the impact our business has on society and the environment, and that is also why we in 2022 decided to dedicate a Business Development Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  in our Business Development team. Her name is Dina Skaar, and today we wanted you to get to know her and her job better. 😊

Dina has been in the position as Business Development Manager for CSR for almost four months now, but has worked in foodora for over two years. She started in foodora as a Service Hero while she was studying Innovation and Business Development. Only one year later she was offered the position as Team Lead in Customer Care and Operations, which was an opportunity she couldn’t resist! A few months later she was offered the role as Operations Manager.

“It was a very interesting position. At that time, I was really proud of what I had achieved so far in foodora”.

From studies to a Team Lead position!🚀

Amalie Horntvedt started working in foodora part-time while she finished her bachelor degree from BI Norwegian Business School. At 24 years old she is one of foodoras youngest Team Leaders. Amalie is, despite her young age, considered a true foodora veteran, as she has been in the company longer than most of our employees. Today we are getting to know Amalie a little bit better! 💗

At the age of 20, Amalie moved to Oslo to start her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Law and Economy at BI. She eventually applied for a job as part-time Account Operations Agent at foodora Norway, which was the position she worked in throughout her entire degree. She still remembers her first impression of starting here:

“I remember I was a bit nervous, as this would be my first “grown- up job”. I was lucky enough to start together with 4 other employees, which made the teambuilding a bit easier. I quickly got the sense of a social and inclusive environment.”

Ta deg en bolle!


The concept “Ta deg en bolle” (as we say in Norwegian), is an initiative to show that we care and want to stand up against injustices. Today it is easier than ever to spread hate through comment sections online.

Our company is built on diversity. We are driven each and every day to meet the expectations from our employees, our customers and from our partners. This is why we are collaborating with partners such as Oslo Pride.

The opening of the largest foodora market in Europe!🎉