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Bilal Ahmed is 22 years old and have since the start of summer this year worked as a foodora courier where he has been delivering food in Asker and Bærum. He himself was born and raised in Slemmestad in Asker, and knows many of the areas he’s delivering food in very well. We were curious about how Bilal’s first months at foodora have been, so we sat down and had a chat with him.


Bilal Ahmed foodora bud


An easy job that doesn’t become overwhelming

One of the best things Bilal thinks about working for foodora is that the job itself is simple.

– I find the job itself quite simple, and not too overwhelming. I usually enjoy a podcast in the car while I’m out and about delivering food to customers.


Convenient to be able to use a car to deliver the food

Bilal is a driving courier and thinks it’s nice to be able to use his car to deliver food quickly to customers.

– It’s very nice to be able to deliver food from the car, and it is also very good when I receive many orders during the shift. I also earn quite a bit when it’s busy, especially at weekends.


Bilal Ahmed foodora bud


Evening shifts at weekends are extra nice with a good podcast

Bilal likes working during the weekends the best and describes the shifts as good and easy.

– I usually work evenings during the weekends while listening to my favorite podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, in the car. During a normal day at work, I pick up food, deliver it to the customers, and of course provide good customer service. I don’t take many breaks during my shifts, but when I do, I usually spend them praying.


Constantly encounters memorable situations

When you’re out and about making food deliveries, you can’t avoid encountering various situations, something that Bilal has also experienced in his time as a foodora courier.

– I once had a delivery to a house where the road was very steep, so I accidentally got stuck trying to turn around to drive away. At the moment I was a little scared, but luckily, I got out in the end, so everything went well.

And there is one situation in particular during a shift that Bilal remembers well.

– This one time I picked up food from a restaurant and went to deliver it to the customer. But the food that I delivered was not what the customer had ordered, so I went back to the restaurant to find out what had happened. Then I quickly found out that I had been picking up food in the wrong restaurant, and that I should have been in the restaurant right next door. Could happen to the best of us.


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Make the city your office

Earn an average of NOK 218,- an hour, sometimes up to NOK 450,- depending on when you deliver. Evenings and weekends is the best paid time!