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Daniel Blanco is 33 years old and comes from Spain. He has worked as a courier in foodora since right after the pandemic came to Norway in 2020. Daniel is currently studying a master’s degree in pedagogics, and therefore combines his job as a courier with his studies. After over two years at foodora, we were excited to hear from him about how the time has been so far.



Daniel Blanco foodora bud


A job with a lot of freedom

Daniel thinks the best thing about working at foodora is the freedom it gives, as he can choose when he works and manage his days himself. Which is perfect when work is combined with master’s studies.

– The best thing about working at foodora is the freedom, quite simply!


Delivering food by scooter allows for longer shifts and more money

Daniel has been both a bicycle courier and a scooter courier during his time at foodora, and likes being able to deliver the food from his scooter.

– I think it’s great to use a scooter. It means that I am able to work longer shifts and can earn more money. I also worked as a cycling courier a while ago, but scooter is good.


Daniel Blanco foodora bud


Easy shifts with natural breaks along the way

– A normal shift begins with me putting on my foodora clothes and starting my shift. Then I go to the first restaurant and pick up an order, then deliver it to a customer. And then I’m off to pick up the next order. That’s basically what my shifts consist of, really.

– I usually don’t take any breaks during my shifts, because I get several natural breaks along the way while I’m standing in the restaurants waiting for the food. But if I take breaks, I usually make sure to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Nice and funny situations along the way that gives good memories

During his time as a foodora courier, Daniel has met several situations and experiences that he will not soon forget. Among the nicest and funniest ones, there are two incidents that he remembers particularly well.

– I remember meeting some very nice, Spanish-speaking restaurant workers when I was picking up food once. Spaniards are very cool and helpful people, so they offered me a cup of coffee while we had a nice chat. It’s always nice when the restaurants are good to you.

– A very funny situation that I also remember well, was that after a shift I once came home with maybe ten liters of Pepsi because someone didn’t take their delivery. So then I ended up having Pepsi at home for several weeks afterwards.


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Make the city your office

Earn an average of NOK 218,- an hour, sometimes up to NOK 450,- depending on when you deliver. Evenings and weekends is the best paid time!